Lost/Found Pets

Facebook groups:
 Bakersfield Lost Animals
Bakersfield lost and found pets
Bakersfield, Ca help lost pets
Kern County lost and found pets
Lost & Found Pets**Bakersfield
Oildale pets lost and found
**There are so many Facebook groups… some are even breed specific such as if you’ve lost your husky etc. Simply type in “lost” in the search bar and you will find many more than those listed here.

Lost My Doggie
Lost My Kitty
Pet Harbor

Tips: Check petharbor.com it’s a huge shelter intake data base Linked directly to our local city and county shelters, updates frequently. Easy to use. Enter your zip or town name, select search preference My Lost Pet, choose both City and County shelters to search thru, navigate thru the higher page numbers as they are the most recent intakes (by date).