Animal Emergency/Disaster Preparedness

Recently, Bakersfield Pawsitive Connections invited the nonprofit Central California Animal Disaster Team (CCADT) to host a workshop in which we were educated on how to be prepared with an emergency plan THAT INCLUDES OUR PETS! Are you prepared for a big earthquake that causes a gas break? A water leak? A power outage? Or- the damn to fail? Are you prepared if there were a fire to threaten your neighborhood and you had to flee? Mother nature doesn’t care if you’re on vacation, at work, or “busy”. When the time comes, all you can do is hope you are prepared. That being said- what about your pets? What will you do with them if you all of a sudden have to flee your home immediately? What if you no longer have a home to return to? Does your pet take medications? What if an emergency happens while you are on vacation or travelling and your pet is at home or in boarding? Luckily, the CCADT has prepared documents and has enlightened us to guidelines and instructions to help us be prepared should we ever face an emergency situation. Included in this document will be files from the CCADT that include a check-list of items suggested for your emergency kits as well as documents that give authorization to others to handle, care or make decisions about your pets should you not be present. Other documents are also included and available for you to print. We will also include a list of motels and campgrounds you can escape to, if ever needed, that are pet-friendly.Please note that this document will be growing and is under construction. It will take us a little time to complete so be sure to check in frequently. If you have any questions or suggestions- feel free to email us at: for Vet Care /Authorization of Vet Care (pdf)Evacuation Action ListAnimal IdentificationRelease of LiabilityAnimal Care Post-Emergency Pet-Friendly Motels/Campgrounds: Items to consider for your emergency kits: